Omnichannel Commerce

With us every single retailer can afford to get the best offer from online or offline space by combination all retail ways of communication and accumulating shopping experience. We deliver:

  • Enterprise-grade retail platforms
  • Multilateral solutions for Omni channel retail
  • Gradually accumulating experience
  • Analysis of results


In order to provide our customers the best ways to find offers by using Omnichannel Commerce. You might take a look on our capabilities in details.

Ways of interaction

GLANIT implements direct interaction between companies in many industries bypassing today’s challenges to achieve a high level in Omnichannel Commerce

Targeted union

To achieve the most successful results we united the different spheres of working. Now GLANIT is a holistic technologic organization which makes the best ways for our customers using current technology investments.

Skills and soleness

Analytics, technology expertise, mobility, social solutions – all these things help us to be ahead.

Efficiently and profitability

With GLANIT you can improve, re-platform their Omnichannel Commerce capabilities efficiently, profitably and quickly expanding their reach. We can offer a wide range of capabilities to enhance your Omni channel experience.