Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility projects of different scale and complexity for companies striving to:

  • Empower their field personnel, mobile and travelling employees
  • Connect with mobile customers
  • Enrich business with new services and mobile commerce


GLANIT is experienced in integrating inherently dynamic mobile business processes into enterprise infrastructure. While incorporating improved worker capabilities, we ensure the transition path for users is duly implemented, with no context- and content-specific aspects compromised.


With every mobile application delivered, we ensure companies keep their data safe from breaches in corporate-owned and BYOD environments. This is achieved due to implementation of proven, industry-leading end-to-end mobile security, identity and access management technologies .


We deliver mobile apps that seamlessly plug into the existing IT infrastructure, including numerous back-end systems and mission-critical technologies, as well as communicate with external applications and services, e.g. cloud services and services from partners or suppliers.