Enterprise Content Management

We use ECM capabilities to help you fund content of the following types into a single centrally managed repository:

  • Web Content
  • Documents & Records
  • Media Assets


We help you to rule out of manual data entry with ECM tool. We use ICR/OCR/OMR data capturing for efficient forms processing.

Sharing and collaboration

ECM allows data streamlining everywhere in an enterprise and offices, includes tools for document reviewing, annotations etc. to refine collaboration and knowledge sharing.


We guarantee secure data input and storing with ECM tools. ECM aggregates e-mails, documents into consecutive data libraries.

Indexing and search

In order to improve searches and facilitate finding used data indexing. It helps associate contexts by keywords.

Processing and management

GLANIT customizes ECM solutions to coincide international standarts. We make data management processes more modern.


With us enterprises have capability to upload web content with authoring tool while the approval process makes ensure that web content is uploaded with no effort.