Business Intelligence

It’s very important to sort out in a huge flow of data to derive actionable insights. GLANIT delivers Business Intelligence and Analytics.

  • Analysis
  • Visual representation
  • Tailored Business Intelligence Components
  • Full-fledged Business Intelligence Solutions

Custom BI solutions

If necessary, GLANIT develops custom Business Intelligence solutions that compound your employees to make decisions. We deliver secure and stable custom Business Intelligence solution.

  • No limitations of ready-made solutions
  • Supporting with your vision of Business Intelligence methodology
  • Synergy technologies

Customized BI solutions

GLANIT impeccably customizes Business Intelligence solutions developed by other vendors and readily builds them into enterprise frameworks.

  • Improved benefits through extending corporate applications
  • High level of productivity
  • New important features, reports, KPIsSynergy technologies

BI Solutions Integration

We have big experience in linking patchy applications that belong to different operation systems and use complex databases to turn isolated information silos into a well-tuned business infrastructure.

  • Expedited data collection, cross-checking and aggregate
  • Smooth data stream
  • No human error